How to organize computerized information for quick and easy retrieval?


Before we go in detail about organizing computerized information let us take a look at how does one usually organize one’s physical documents.We all know that to store and organize document physically, we use files. All important files are kept in either cupboard or filing cabinets. Your PC also has almost similar arrangement. Windows OS [...]

Jewellery business mantras

How many times have you kept your personal diary or a Hbank statement or list of potcntial inquiries at the reception desk of your company, where everybody can come and read it? Never! Are you sure whether the network node, which is lying with your company’s receptionist, does not have access to any vital information [...]

What next after Greece for gold?

The Greece stalemate is more or less in short term as it gets the necessary financial support from European central bank and the IMF. But uncertainties still persist on the medium term to long term over the health of euro. Fiscal problems of any country do not happen overnight and cannot be tackled in an [...]

Five criteria of sales training

The job of hiring and training employees is a never-ending process. As a jewellery storcowner or manager, we are in the business of hiring and training staff members for the rest of our business lives. Just when you think, you have a permanent staff something is going to happen or change. The jewellery industry, the [...]

Matchless product range at competitive pricing

The journey of Onsaz began around six years ago when Tthe present directors Satyanarain Rao, Anand Rao and N.A. Ansari considered about commencing their own jewellery production in the form of a joint venture.It was the hard work and passion of Satyanarain Rao who started his career in 1979 as a gemstone dealer; and the [...]

Traditional retailing needs to adapt modern retail concepts for survival

T he fascination of Indian consumers towards jewellery is known since time immemorial. Gold, silver, diamond or platinum, jewellery to Indian women epitomizes beauty and also style. With the changing times, buying trends amongst women and all those who share the common flare for jewellery have also evolved. From placing an order with an acquainted [...]

Service with a responsibility

The number of socially conscious consumers is growing, particularly among younger people. But many believe the jewellery industry hasn’t done enough to communicate with this group. Telling your customer that you arc a responsible and socially conscious organization can also be a form of service to him. First of all, store ethical products-Say no to [...]

Be good with your after-sales follow ups

Most companies fall short when it comes to following up on issues with their customers. If there is a complaint, ensure that it has been attended to or check whether the problem has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Often companies lose their customers because they terminate their relationship with them after the sale is [...]

Know when not to disturb your customers

Don’t overdo your customer service role. There are times when customers like to be undisturbed— not everyone likes a salesperson following them when they shop and hovering around their elbow. Know when you’re needed and when to keep a distance. Similarly, customers resent the intrusions on their time made by unsolicited text messages and marketing [...]

Be extravagant in your amends

Consumers today are quick to complain and slow to forgive. If you cannot deliver a service, better not to promise the skies. Get creative with your apologies when something goes wrong. Instead of simply saying sorry, wow your customers with a bottle of wine, a jewelry gift voucher or perhaps a box of chocolates. Luxury [...]

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