Be extravagant in your amends

Consumers today are quick to complain and slow to forgive. If you cannot deliver a service, better not to promise the skies. Get creative with your apologies when something goes wrong. Instead of simply saying sorry, wow your customers with a bottle of wine, a jewelry gift voucher or perhaps a box of chocolates.

Luxury jeweller Tiffany looks at customers like customers for life, even before they get money. Incidents have been recalled by its customers where Tiffany’s service has been exceptional. Check this one: A customer ordered Tiffany silver bracelet as a surprise Christmas gift for his wife and had arranged for the bracelet to be delivered to his house about 2 weeks before Christmas. Two weeks later when the bracelet didn’t reach, the customer mailed Tiffany’s customer support. Soon Tiffany’s support executive called and as luck would had it, the customer’s wife picked up the phone, ruining his surprise plan. She was informed that because of a Christmas rush that they were not expecting, the bracelet would not be arriving before Christmas. To make up for the fact that they had ruined the surprise and the delivery could not be made to the customer before Christmas, Tiffany delivered the entire cost of the order worth USD255 for free!

Another customer once ordered a USD100 replacement earring from Tiffany’s store in Chicago and when he went to pick it up and pay, Tiffany’s computer system was down. Rather than making the customer wait until the system rebooted, the store gave the ring to that customer for free!

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