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How many times have you kept your personal diary or a Hbank statement or list of potcntial inquiries at the reception desk of your company, where everybody can come and read it? Never!

Are you sure whether the network node, which is lying with your company’s receptionist, does not have access to any vital information ofyour company? Have you ensured that none ofyour PCs will vomit all important data to a SPYWARE when they are ‘on-line’ on Internet? Have you ensured that every senior executive in your organization can anytime access the shared data of his/her junior but the reverse will never become true?

Wait a minute gentleman! Ifyou tell me with supreme confidence that your organization is using the current client server operating system and you have protected PCs with access rights in such a way that right information will be available to the right guy only, and no juniors can access the information of seniors, I dare to challenge your illusion!

Again, if you are an owner/CEO or a top ranking executive of such a company and have been informed by your IT department that your company is immune to any cyber crimes, as you yourself are not a technical guy, I bet you must read this series of articles as it may be far from truth!

By far the best way to protect your important information is to keep it in your memory only. If you are capable of remembering each and every business communication or transaction, go ahead man, nobody can stop you from becoming successful.

We all know that this is not a practical idea. So we need to record every piece of information at some place. Now after the advent of personal computers there exists no debate about why it is better to keep your information in a digital format instead of physical stationary format, so I am not getting into it.

We usually keep all our important documents under lock and key so that the valuable information inside such documents is properly protected. But are we taking care of the information, which is lying in our computers?

Let us ponder for a moment as how do we take care of all the important documents that we physically possess.

1.We organize the documents in such a manner that we can trace them back quickly based on the name of the file in which they are filed and keeping the relevant files under one part of the filing cabinet. E.g. all VAT related reports are filed in VAT files or all important designs are filed under designs files etc.

2. Again, if the document is very important, we may maintain a photocopy of the same at other location or may get it laminated so that the same remains free from weather effects for a longer period of time. E.g. Import/Export code, PAN cards, various registration certificates etc.

3. Finally, we protect the confidentiality ofthe information by keeping the documents in lock and key depending upon how vital the information is for us.
a. If a document contains information, which needs protection only against weather effects, we may keep it locked in a metal cupboard.
b. If a document also needs to be protected against theft, i.e. the information lying inside can be useful to others, we may keep it inside a safe or in safe deposit vaults of the bank, depending upon the significance of the information. We shall see that the digital world is also working in a similar manner.

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